I really wanted to love the new Neon Trees album ‘Picture Show’ as much as its predessor ‘Habits’ but so far I cant say that I do.   There are definately tracks that have grown on me more than others (Lessons in Love, I Am The DJ) but the latter third of the album loses steam and start sounding repetitive.  Bands always frown upon fans who say their latter work isnt as good as their early releases but some times it just isnt.  ‘Habits’ was a solid album start to finish, it felt fresh and new.  ‘Picture Show’ screams the band’s influences just a little too loudly.  We get it, you love the 80’s.  So do I, but there’s almost synthesizer overload on certain tracks (Truth) and Pretend for the Weekend is more than a little Michael Jackson-esqe.  ‘Picture Show’ isnt a bad album, its good but not great and maybe I will grow to love it.  Maybe.
By: Iris Ma

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