Admist the bloodbath of network shows that were not renewed for the upcoming Fall television season, there were some fan favorite shows that were spared.  While many thought the cancellation of CW’s NIKITA was inevitable due to its low ratings, I was not surprised the show lived to see at least another season.  Boasting a very devoted fanbase who wrote emails, letters, tweets, etc to the network to save this critically acclaimed show,  NIKITA proved that sometimes a network isnt just driven by ratings.  Sometimes a network really does get it right and stands behind a show they know is great and nurtures it instead of killing it in favor of a more commercially viable reality show.  So for that, I thank you CW Network. 
As far as the cancellation of The Secret Circle which was also a CW Network show, that did come as a bit of a shock.  Lesson learned, TSC fans:  dont ever take for granted that renewal is a sure bet.  TSC may have boasted better numbers than NIKITA but its fanbase certainly wasnt as vocal when it counted.  Now they are scrambling to petition to have the show brought back.  I really do wish them luck, but it is far harder to resurrect a show that has been axed verses saving one that still has a chance. 
By Iris S. Ma

2 responses »

  1. Lulu says:

    i for one am not sad TSC isnt returning. Surprised they didnt renew Ringer though, but very happy for Season 3 of Nikita!

  2. Mark says:

    New show Arrow looks much better than TSC anyway! Happy to have Nikita back but they really shouldve moved it from Friday nights!

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