Wes Chatham is one of those actors whose nameless face you’ve seen in various movies and on television but cant quite recall where.  His role as Dillon Maguire in the just released indie film “The Philly Kid” might just change that.   Chatham stars as the aptly nicknamed down on his luck former fighter, who after being paroled from prison after 10 years, is thrown back into the sport to pay off a debt incurred by his sidekick Jake  (played by Devon Sawa).   But “The Philly Kid” is more than just a movie about professional Mixed Martial Arts.  The sport just serves as the action.  The real heart of the movie is Dillon’s journey to let go of his past and really internalize his trainer’s mantra that winners never quit.   Chatham himself performed all of his own fight scenes and the movie was shot in the course of only 18 days in Louisana.  Writer Adam Mervis also takes a turn in front of the camera as Dillon’s parole officer Ryan.
“The Philly Kid” is currently in very limited release but hopefully word of mouth will get this movie out there because it truly is one of the feel-good movies of the year so far.
By Iris S. Ma

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  1. MMA says:

    Agreed! Excellent movie which sadly wont be seen by many

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